Available courses

This is an 8-week course. It will explore the inspiration, canonization, transmission and translation of sacred scripture. Classes will be held for eight weeks on Sunday evenings beginning April 16th from 4:30pm to 6:00pm. Students can attend in person of online. 

This survey will examine the importance of defining theological categories. Students will learn to define and defend theological truth from the Bible. It will be also explore the historical development of theological systems and confessions.

This course will investigate the subject of ethics based on a Christian worldview. It will expose students to a litany of ethical dilemmas and cover methods for determining the biblical answer to solving those dilemmas. 


    • To encourage students toward a more consistent Christian worldview.
    • To investigate the relationship between Christians and Biblical Law.
    • To learn methods for discovering the Bible‚Äôs teaching regarding ethical dilemmas.